Please enjoy these photos of a tiny puppy the size of a tin of beans

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Literally the size of a tin of baked beans.

Image: swns

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes.

There are very big ones that wear bowties. There are small ones who are best friends with giant horses.

Then there are teeny, tiny ones like Tim.


Image: swns

Tim is a 7-week-old Yorkshire terrier who lives in Bolton, UK. He was only 2.5 ounces when he was born, and he had to be revived.

He’s doing OK now, though.

Here’s Tim hanging out with his owner, Andrea Mcgowan:

He literally fits into the palm of her hand.

Image: swns

Here he is with his sister Winnie, who’s the same age as Tim:

They’re best friends.

Image: swns

And here’s Tim with his mum:

He’s only a little bit bigger than one of her paws.

Image: swns

Tim may be one of the smallest puppies in Britain, but the good news is he’s now gaining weight and getting stronger.

“He is a really feisty little dog and much braver than the others,” Mcgowan was reported as saying.

“When we take them all out of the pen they are all quite timid but he just wanders around and he loves climbing over things.”

Tim may be small, but he’s already earned a very large place in our hearts.

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