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Lizzo Hung Out With Rescue Dogs On Tour And Her Crew Member Adopted A Tiny Puppy

This dog doesn’t need a DNA test to tell her she’s 100% that bitch.

Poke, an adorable tiny puppy from Wisconsin, has a new, glamorous life with one of the crew members on Lizzo’s tour.

During a stop in Madison, the “Truth Hurts” singer and her team got together with adoptable puppies from Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin ― a nonprofit that finds homes for dogs, cats and small animals like rabbits.

One especially lucky puppy not only got to meet Lizzo, she also got a new home out of the visit, the organization wrote in a Friday Facebook post.

“Some very lucky Underdog puppies had the opportunity to hang out with Lizzo before her show at The Sylvee yesterday,” the post read, alongside a photo of Lizzo and a puppy relaxing on a bed. “And we’re pleased to report that Saba, now Poke (pictured here) was adopted by a member of her crew!”

The group added, “Enjoy that Bling-Bling lifestyle Poke,” followed by a sparkly heart emoji.

Lizzo had reached out to the company that runs The Sylvee to see if “there were rescue/shelter puppies who could come do a puppy party” the afternoon before the show, Underdog founder Lauren Wojtasiak told HuffPost.

“So a few volunteers and myself brought six pups to the crew dressing room and everyone had fun and played with the adoptable pups,” said Wojtasiak in a Facebook message. “Her crew member fell in love with one of the chihuahua mix pups, and went through our regular adoption process to adopt her.”

Wojtasiak said that everyone ― including the woman who had been fostering the pup ― thought the crew member was a “great fit.”

“We had no idea this would happen, and weren’t sure if he was serious at first, but it quickly became clear he adored her and we talked about how he had been looking for a dog like her,” said Wojtasiak.

She added that the adopter was “super excited to have little Poke with him all the time” and that the woman who had been fostering the pup was confident Poke would make a great “roadie.”

“She loves taking in all that is around her, and getting lots of attention,” Wojtasiak said. “She’s in great hands and will have an awesome life.”

Lizzo frequently makes time to hang out with pets in need of homes, Wojtasiak told local news station WKOW.

“She actually has done this in some other cities too,” said Wojtasiak. “She reaches out to shelters and rescues and coordinates having some adoptable animals come in, and it’s great because it spreads the word to the community about adoptable animals.”

Last month, Lizzo and her dancers even brought rescue puppies onstage during a show in Washington, D.C., encouraging fans to adopt a new friend.

This story has been updated with additional comments from Wojtasiak.

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