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The Best Holiday Gifts for Pets and Their People

Happy holidays, friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our hearts and bellies are full around here!

As our attention turns away from feasting and toward giving, I wanted to round up some recommendations this year that reflect where I am in this season. I tried to find a balance of prices (all on the lower end this year because who doesn’t want to save money?) and shops, along with eco-friendly and age- and gender-inclusive.

So, in light of all that, I’m rounding up for you my top pick (and a runner up) in each of this year’s gift-giving categories! Let’s get to it!

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The Best Holiday Gift for Your Dog

Large Dog Recycled Rope Monkey’s Fist Tug Toy: Made from recycled climbing rope, this tug toy builds your bond as you play with your pup!

Runner up: Subscription to The Farmer’s Dog! OK, this one might really be for YOU since it’s healthy, homemade food delivered right to your door… but your dog will love the taste, too. And it’s so wholesome, he’ll feel great eating it. TODAY ONLY you can get a trial box free with this link.

The Best Holiday Gift for Your Cat

Yoga Cat Mat for the Hip Modern Cat: Does your cat love your yoga mat as much as my cats love mine? It’s tough to practice with them clawing it up… Here’s the PERFECT gift for your kitty (and, in turn, for you): a yoga mat all their own!

Runner up: Cat Tracks Cat Toy because #enrichment. This stimulates your cat’s instincts, staves off boredom, and is just plain-old funny to watch–all at a SUPER affordable price point!

For the Dog Dad

Custom Pet Portrait: Show the dog dad in your life extra love this season by capturing his bestie in a fun watercolor portrait. (If you’re looking for a bespoke piece, we can’t recommend Leah Davies highly enough!)

Runner up: Customized dog socks because what dog dad doesn’t want his best friend’s face on his feet? 🙂

For the Dog Mom

Dog Person Essentials Bundle: Why is this my top choice? Well, because it’s atop my own wish list! 🙂 Seriously, how cute is this? That sweatshirt!! Heart eyes! Plus, to quote the website: In the spirit of the season, all proceeds are donated to organizations fighting animal cruelty. (BTW, I heard from a reliable source that these are VERY limited edition, so don’t wait on this one, m’kay?!)

Runner up: For the dog AND cat mama, you can’t beat this… for the cuteness, for the price, for the smiles it will surely bring!

For the Pet-Loving Kiddo

Constructive Playthings Dog Academy 51 Piece Playset: Is it weird I want this for myself?!?! I shared this on Facebook awhile ago just so I could save the link for this day. Honestly, I might get this for Violet just to play with it…

Runner-up: Dinosaur wooden block play set. No, dinosaurs aren’t tecnically pets, but find me one kid who never imagined bringing one home… The fiery volcano makes this play set just about perfect!

For ANY Pet Lover / Pet Parent / Pet Biz Owner / Etc.

Pet Blogging for Love and Money: I mean, I had to include it, ya know?! 🙂 Available in paperback or Kindle, this is the text for anyone wanting to share their pet online–whether it’s a blog or a social channel. It’s helpful, comprehensive, and entertaining–the perfect gift for any pet person on your list!

Runner up: Kurgo Dog Car Seat Covers and Pet Car Bench Seat Covers, Universal Fit because dogs shed and dogs get muddy, but you don’t want to leave them at home! And, this one looks nice, too!

In the end…

Despite all this, I truly believe: It’s the thought that counts! Even if the person exchanges it, you were thoughtful and you cared. (And wouldn’t you rather them swap something that’s not quite right for something that IS right instead of hanging onto something they won’t ever use out of a feeling of guilt? Me too!) Even if you don’t have a budget this year and just send cards or just send happy holiday wishes via text, it’s still the thought that counts.

What’s on YOUR holiday wish list this year? What are your pets hoping to get under the tree? I’d love to hear what you’re hoping for–or, better yet, what you’re hoping to give this year!

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