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Gifts for pet lovers that don’t require leaving your house!

Because that’s the 2020 holiday spirit!

Not going anywhere or seeing anyone!

In all seriousness, I’m striving to do 100% of my holiday shopping online. I can’t fathom going into a mall right now, and I definitely don’t want to head to the post office to ship packages to friends and family. So, instead, I’m taking advantage of online shopping to cross everything off my list AND have the shipping taken care of at the same time!

If you’re feeling like me, I’ve got some ideas for you. None of these require you or your recipient to leave their house!

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Gifts that support small


I think by now you guys know I love Etsy, so I’m always on the hunt for gifts for occasions all year long. You have to trust me on this one because the shop is closed until TOMORROW, November 25, but you can’t go wrong with any gift from Lili Chin, the artist behind doggiedrawings. Bookmark it, save it, add it to your calendar, whatever you need to do to see what’s available on November 25!

Or, check out my holiday favorites on this list: Etsy.

Erry B

Other than Etsy, I’m searching to find Deaf-owned and Women-of-Color-owned businesses to support this year. One in particular is Erry B, a Black- and Deaf-woman-owned business! She has a whole line of “be kind” apparel. I wanted to link to the fanny pack–the PERFECT gift for dog lovers–but it’s sold out! Here’s a hoodie instead, but if the fanny pack comes back in, snag it!!

Gifts that keep on giving


Subscriptions make great gifts. I love all kinds of subscriptions, tbh, because it gives all year long! We haven’t subscribed to BarkBox in a couple years because we actually trialed another box that did NOT work out for us, so I plan on going back.

HOT TIP: Order this one NOW because you’ll get their limited edition Home Alone themed box if you order in November. Seriously, check it out. It’s HILARIOUS! And so perfect for the season!!

The Farmer’s Dog–but don’t buy this until Friday!

Here’s the deal: The Farmer’s Dog is offering a 100% free trial box on Black Friday ONLY and only in a limited quantity. That’s why I’m putting this here now so you can plan ahead! You could totally cross it off your list now and get 50% off the trial box, but why pay half when you can pay none?!?

We LOVE their fresh food. Yeah, it’s pricier than a bag of kibble or what you can make yourself, but if I’m being completely honest… we have no time right now. We rely on convenience. This is convenient AND healthy. Win-win. And on Friday you can claim a free trial here. Before/after Friday or when supplies of the free trial run out, you can get 50% off with that same link.

Gifts with quick shipping

Or! No shipping at all! I think an Audible gift membership makes an amazing gift that keeps on giving AND doesn’t just put more stuff under the tree!

If you’re going to go Amazon for the pet lover in your life (or yourself!) go big with this bad boy:

Click the pic to see the full description.

I honestly can’t let a gift guide go by without recommending a cleaning product, and I figured let’s aim high, right?! And I think because Newt’s been so sick lately, I’m dreaming of carpet cleaners. But ship this to a pet lover, and you might win the title of Best Gift Giver Ever!

Other Amazon choices are this agility set for kids (on my wish list for when I’m sure Astrid won’t swallow all the little accessories), festive bandannas for your dog or cat, or these adorable dog mom journals. Or the cat ones, which are on top of my wish list for when I’m shopping Amazon again!

Click the pic to see all the other options. There’s a fun set of plant mom ones, too! So, I guess, what I’m saying is… I want them all! (;

No matter what you give, give with love.

This has been a hard year. For everyone.

The actual presents under the tree matter far less than the love with which they’re given. Most of us won’t get to spend the holidays with our loved ones, so spread cheer however you can–phone calls, cards in the mail, and, yes, gifts. But give with love because we could all use a little extra this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I’m thankful for YOU and for your dogs. I’m thankful we’re all here together in community, and I’m thankful for the internet keeping everyone connected while we’re all so far apart.

P.S. For a little while longer, you can get either of my ebooks at a name-your-own price! Pick up The Zero-Waste Pet and Authentic Blogging for the holidays. (: Thanks for supporting our work!

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