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A Quick Review of 2020, An Even Quicker Look Ahead, and Warm Holiday Wishes

I know it’s on everyone’s mind but I can’t help but repeat:

What just happened?

What a year, huh? On one hand, it felt like every week was at least a month long, but now that we’re in the home stretch I’m wondering where it all went.

TBH, it wasn’t all bad. I mean, it wasn’t good, and for many people it’s been a truly devastating year, but there were a few silver linings in our tiny corner of the world. I strive to focus on those instead of all the inconveniences (like, I really, really, really want to eat at a restaurant and work at my quiet corner in the public library) and heartbreaks (like, we haven’t gotten to meet our beautiful twin nieces born mid-pandemic).

I could list a million more, but I’d rather tick off a few gratitudes and let go of 2020:

  1. Being present for Newt during all her illnesses this year, plus all the time spent with Cooper who genuinely prefers no one leaves the house ever for any reason at all.
  2. Tackling all of Astrid’s interventions and services from the comfort of home/Zoom: We’ve been able to do PT, speech, sign language, and more without gaps in service or having to ferry her from appointment to appointment. We still have to take her to a few doctors, which leads me to…
  3. All the incredible, dedicated people who stayed at work to help and serve. From letter carriers to audiologists to cashiers and more. All these people stayed true, even while risking their health and the health of their families. I’m grateful for the ER vets who treated Newt to the ENT who checks Astrid’s ears to the preschool teachers who lead Violet’s class with masks and face shields and never waver in their dedication.

Now, I’m letting go. So long, 2020.

Welcome, 2021!

I’m glad to see you!

I’m under no illusions. This coming year is going be rough. I have faith and hope that people show up with love and courage–being afraid and doing it anyway–and getting the dang shot so we can all move on with our lives. Until then, obviously mask up and stay safe.

That said, I believe a hard reset is needed by us all, and a new year is just the ticket.

A Quick Look at 2021

I only have one goal: Finish my book (and land an agent, of course!). I’m nearly finished with the manuscript and plan on spending Q1 editing, polishing, and refining. I honestly love how it’s turning out, and I can’t wait to share it with YOU!

I’m also going to work on some tasks with Cooper, keep up with running and yoga, and so on, but I’ve discovered that my life isn’t conducive to more than one goal. There’s just too much variability each day, plus no childcare (#ThanksCovid), plus a billion appointments for everyone, plus cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. etc. It’s just too much to work on more than one goal. (Otherwise I end up setting a dozen and spinning a million plates and achieving nothing and then feeling bad about it and like I should be doing more, and I just don’t want that energy in my life!)

If YOU are looking for support in achieving your goals in the new year, I created this goal setting workbook for dog training. I sent it out via email several months ago and am sharing it here now. You can click to download. While it’s designed specifically for dog goals, you can reuse it for absolutely any goal-setting purpose! For instance, I’ve repurposed it for my book writing goals.

What are YOU working on in 2021? How do you plan to stay safe and sane in the new year?

BTW, in the midst of all the daily craziness around here, I’m doing the best job staying in touch via Instagram, and I’ll be reaching out more via email in the new year, too! Please feel free to connect in those spaces!

Happy Holidays!

In the meantime, whatever you celebrate, we are wishing you a warm, joyful, heartfelt holiday season. Sending you lots of love and peace during this tough time.

Finally, if I can support you in any way, please leave a comment!

Happy holidays from our house to yours. See ya in 2021!

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